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Synonyms for bushy

Synonyms for bushy

used of hair

resembling a bush in being thickly branched and spreading

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But mostly, what the Bushies call "leadership" is just a confidence game.
They seem unable to make a point without personal destructive words and phrases such as the Bushies, stupid, idiot, wimp, Jr.
So far, the Bushies have not shown a lot of aptitude for new agency creation.
Among the big catches was Davie Parker from Wallsend with 15 trout to lures and Stu Younger from Blyth with 10 on Buzzers and Bushies.
about how the Bushies were trying to screw Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who had sounded the alarm about WMDs in Iraq.
But the Bushies squandered the opportunity for dialogue by naming Iran as a part of the axis of evil.
Theory 2: The Bushies in the civil rights office did do their job.
But the charge against the Bushies, whatever its merit, does not absolve liberals of their own ideological thinking.
After what the Bushies visited on the world, you would expect them to lie low out of shame and for fear of reprisals.
Which is why itAEs disappointing to see our prophet of change who promised a revolution at home and around the world is walking, eyes wide shut, into the trap set by the Bushies.
For months, many observers had been assuming that if the Bushies were going to do something to rally the American public around the flag (and therefore around the incumbent party), the venue would be Iran.
attorneys," which resulted in the dismissal of seven not considered "loyal Bushies," it was certainly a matter of serious concern.
And now the Bushies have ordered California and other U.
If anyone feels the Bushies did a great, good, or even adequate job reacting to Hurricane Katrina, please support your position.
The Bushies throw blame at their puppet and anyone else they can think of.