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Synonyms for bushy

Synonyms for bushy

used of hair

resembling a bush in being thickly branched and spreading

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The family of Reggie Bushie is no closer to finding the answers surrounding his death.
We're saying that this plan would directly improve the conditions that have been undermining First Nations' ability to move ahead and become self-sufficient," said Bushie.
The Bushie inquest was scheduled to begin in January 2009.
However, later in the day, Chief Bushie all but confirmed the reports when he said, "Those people have to eat.
Bushie, Traverse, and MKO (Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakinak) Grand Chief Francis Flett, have been relentless over the last year in their attacks on the two levels of government for their failure to address the health, housing, economic, education, justice and policing needs of First Nations communities.
Nine out 10 offenders are taking responsibility for their actions and the pain they have caused, and seldom re-offend, said Bushie.
retorted the Bushies as they threw extra-sized chads in the air for effect.
I just love listening to the Bushies play with numbers.
Translation: To distract from their dismal failures, the Bushies are again throwing the Christian right a hunk of flesh--ours.
The author not only claims that the Bushies stole the 2004 election, but that the fix is already in for 2008.
The Bushies have the added advantage of another sort of media bias that often goes unnoticed.
In the second paragraph, he condescendingly announces that ``this isn't a military movie for Bushies.
Besides, stress the Bushies, theirs is a positive campaign (which would come as news to John McCain, the man they painted as pro-breast cancer, mentally unstable, and unpatriotic) while they believe Clinton '92 was negative.
Director Gregor Jordan gradually reveals that what we're seeing trampled is a mural, not the real deal, but the message is clear: This isn't a military movie for Bushies.
I ask this of my fellow Americans: If we don't care about the people here, what makes you think the Bushies will truly help Iraq?