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traditional code of the Japanese samurai which stressed courage and loyalty and self-discipline and simple living

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Bushido Judo Kwai trains at West Allotment Community Centre on Tuesday and Friday evenings.
Bushido senior marketing and development executive Kristy Gardner said more than 1,000 partygoers attended the Monte Carlo event.
The end of the week will be a highlight, with a special sushi show at the Bushido Friday Brunch.
The connection between Bushido and the mafia was revealed earlier this week by the (http://www.
After my father's death in 1989, I inherited a triple screw speedster of more than 100 feet (that means she had three engines and three propellers, not what you landlubbers first thought), but that particular Bushido almost broke me after I took her from Greece to the south of France on bunkers alone.
NEW ROLE Ian Archer and Amie Stevenson have set up Bushido Fitness offering personal training, exercise classes and dietary advice
Nicolas Budzynski, general manager of Bushido, said: "Bushido is so proud to bring such an exclusive international brand to Bahrain.
Bushido was a code of conduct employed by Japan's samurai warriors in the 17th century and it emphasizes duty, respect and honor.
The Japanese political thought of Uchimura Kanzo (1861-1930); synthesizing Bushido, Christianity, nationalism, and liberalism.
What, in the Japanese chivalry code of bushido, was the ritual of seppuku?
Real Samurai: Over 20 Stories of Old Japan" by Stephen Turnball is a collection of true stories about the samurai warriors of Japan, a warrior class who dominated Japanese culture and held to high standards of personal honor and loyalty based upon the fundamental concept of Bushido.
NOVICE hurdlers from the Sue Smith yard generally do even better when sent chasing, presumably thanks to plenty of schooling, and Bushido can become the latest example and land the Don Noble Bookmaker `Gives Guaranteed Odds' Beginners' Chase.
Wilson points out this made him the true version of the Bushido code warrior, a design and dream of martial arts since the Confucian days in ancient China.
Nitobe repeatedly used to describe the concept of grafting Christianity onto the essence of bushido.
Inazo Nitobe's controversial study of samurai ethics, Bushido.