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Differences across taxa in nuptial gift size correlate with differences in sperm number and ejaculate volume in bushcrickets (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae).
Dr Montealegre-Z and Professor Robert examined the anatomical construction of the fossil's song apparatus, and compared it to 59 living bushcricket species.
Experts say the insects are moving further north due to climate changes and, despite the poor weather this year, the Roesel's Bushcricket and the Long- Winged Conehead seem to be thriving in parks across the borough with sightings in Balsall Common, Monkspath, Hampton-in-Arden and Dorridge.
Roesel's Bushcricket and the Long-Winged Conehead were both found by one of Solihull Council's park rangers while working in some of the borough's parks.
The council says that although most creatures travel south in the search for warmer climes, the pull of Solihull is proving too much to resist as another Bushcricket was found in Lavender Hall Park, in Balsall Common.
Some costs of reproduction for male bushcrickets, Requena verticalis (Orthoptera, Tettigoniidae): allocating resources to mate attraction and nuptial feeding.
The first 20 contributions are presented under the heading General Aspects of Insect Sounds and explore such topics as sense organs involved in the vibratory communication of bugs, use of substrate vibrations for orientation, size-frequency relationships in insect vibratory signals, acoustic signals and temperature, song evolution and speciation in bushcrickets, inheritance of male sound characteristics in Drosophila species, vibratory communication and mate searching behavior in stoneflies, partitioning of acoustic transmission channels in grasshopper communities, acoustic evolutionary divergence in cicadas, and mutual eavesdropping through vibrations in a host- parasitoid interaction.
We had to look elsewhere for entertainment, and as the Crown and Anchor wasn't open till midday, the chirruping of Roesel's bushcrickets, likened by some to the song of Savi's warblers, was a reasonable distraction.