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Anthony Carter wrote: "I am not a fan of President George Bush Jnr.
The only problem is, the waxwork is of George Bush SENIOR - not of his son, the current president George Bush Jnr.
Now, though, George Bush Jnr is more likely to visit.
It seems that George Bush Jnr has gone to the Dan Quayle School of Free ExPression.
com) are offering American clients the opportunity of betting on two major heavyweight clashes -- between boxers Lennox Lewis and Michael Grant for the World Title and between politicians George Bush Jnr and Al Gore for the Presidential Election.
Approval ratings are up by 29% in Spain, 22% in Germany and France and 19% in Japan since the reviled Bush Jnr left the White House.
So far, Barack Obama has been spared the brunt of their hi-jinks, though George Bush Jnr was a regular victim throughout his presidency.
Bush Jnr to carry with him and more than anything, this is what lost him the election.
The Liverpool ECHO was against this illegal war from the onset and insisted we should not have been coerced into it by George Bush Jnr and Condoleezza Rice.
Remember, George Bush Jnr appeared to enjoy his flight in and out of Teesside Airport and, if he is content, then I am sure many hundreds of thousands of other potential passengers are too
40pm): IN an evening featuring as many films as George Bush Jnr has brain cells, this afternoon romantic drama is about your only bet, unless you fancy staying up until 1.
If George Bush Jnr wants to find the chemical and biological weapons it sent to Iraq in the 1980s he should ask his dad who probably still has the sale receipts.
Make the old boy feel bet-ter,' President Bush Jnr yelled, coaxing a round of applause from onlookers after his father hit his first tee shot.
I've got a hunch that there's more to Mr Bush than we've seen to date, and that the agony felt by his father about letting Iraq's Saddam Hussein off the hook during Desert Storm will not be lost on Bush Jnr.