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Landscape-scale expansion of Roesel's bush cricket Metrioptera roeselii at the north-western range limit in Central Europe (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae).
Scientists found that the South American bush cricket has evolved a similar system, despite having tiny ears located on its two front legs.
Once he finally tracks the ants down, he follows them on a raid and watches as they devour creatures in their path, including a scorpion, wasps and a bush cricket.
It wasn't till the game of bush cricket started that he managed to really crack the ice.
Other insects that have become established locally in recent years include two types of bush cricket.
The loud chirruping of Roesel's bush cricket on the east coast, or mottled and common field grass hoppers in the Sefton dune land possess the power to regress some folk to childhood days -- replace digicameras and `scopes with jam jars and fishing nets and you get the general idea.
Ranft was startled to discover that he had pitched his tent in an ultrasonically noisy spot, where a bush cricket blasted away at high frequencies.
Experts at Staffordshire University are to lead research into the five-centimetre long great green bush cricket, which is found only in limited areas of Devon.