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the executive under President George H

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the executive under President George W

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Referring additionally to false information being given the administration by the exile group Iraqi National Congress (IRC), the report noted that IRC partisans wanted to give the Bush administration some reasons to attack Iraq; therefore, they reported that Saddam's government had nuclear, chemical, and biological weaponry.
But so eager were the higher-ups at the CIA to go along with Bush's war plans that "CIA officials ignored the evidence and refused to even disseminate the reports from the family members to senior policymakers in the Bush Administration," Risen says.
When asked if the Bush administration should be doing more for the Gaza conflict, 33 percent of Americans said that the Bush administration should try to resolve the conflict.
In fact, the Bush administration has long accepted global warming as fact, and media reports are invariably skewed in favor of the most sensationalistic of global-warming scare scenarios.
And yet, Fitzgerald's efforts have given observers a far clearer glimpse into the inner workings of the Bush administration than any reporter had heretofore managed.
These agreements that the Bush Administration has been pressuring countries to sign exempt all U.
Marie Clarke Brill, Africa Action's acting co-executive director, says the Bush administration needs to pressure the United Nations to immediately send in a sizeable number of troops.
Today, the Bush administration says it has plans ready to assist pro-democracy groups in Cuba.
In the summer of 2004, the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) was instrumental in pushing the Bush administration to acknowledge that genocide was in progress in Sudan.
On November 18, 2003, the Bush administration announced a decision to impose new trade restrictions on imports of Chinese textiles.
The Bush administration has turned to an unusual source to promote the idea of public service as a way to honor the late civil rights leader Martin Luther King: the Rev.
If the Bush administration had its way, the whole criminal siege of Fallujah, with its depraved indifference to human life, would have gone unnoticed.
But Coughlin's explanations for why Blair ultimately decided to go along with the Bush administration do not add up.
Looking at the results of the 2004 elections, she is furious that so few Americans are reacting to the sweeping changes that the Bush administration is proposing for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
The Bush Administration has spent more than $140 billion on a war of choice in Iraq.