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Irish philosopher and Anglican bishop who opposed the materialism of Thomas Hobbes (1685-1753)

a city in California on the eastern shore of San Francisco Bay

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But his blithe spirit - not to mention those of Busby Berkeley and Flo Ziegfeld - lives on in ``Howard Crabtree's When Pigs Fly,'' the shamelessly entertaining adult musical fable playing at the Coronet Theatre in West Hollywood.
The engagement also introduced the West Coast to the nearly new Resurrection, a tribute to one of Morris's favorite choreographers, Busby Berkeley, and to the ambiance of 1930s black-and-white Hollywood gangster movies.
Ginger Rodgers joins Warner Baxter and Ruby Keeler in this often-copied Busby Berkeley musical, which was an Academy Award nominee for best picture.
During the filming of "I've Gotta Hear That Beat," her showstopper in the Busby Berkeley musical Small Town Girl, Miller developed a blister that broke and bled.
From Balanchine to Busby Berkeley to Martha Graham, dance is about the stylization of movement.
Start with a Busby Berkeley production number, throw in a Latin spitfire, ``It'' Girl Clara Bow, some science-fiction and a Depression-era hit, package it all in three of Los Angeles' most famous vintage theaters and you've got this year's version of the Los Angeles Conservancy's ``Last Remaining Seats.
Being raised in a typical Midwestern Methodist home, I escaped into fantasies'' being spun by Hollywood, Hefner said, citing Busby Berkeley musicals and Frank Capra confections.
I was 14 or 15 and had been studying Busby Berkeley [movie] musicals independently and a lot of those musicals from the 1930s, which I continue to love.
It was Busby Berkeley all over again,'' he said, referring to those lavish musicals of the 1930s.
There is probably not a publication left in North America wherein a columnist could make an unelaborated reference to Busby Berkeley and expect at least half a dozen readers to understand
Maddin's deconstructionist ironic love letter to Busby Berkeley is also a love letter to Canadian cinema in general.
As the Mormon menace increases, Barry and Watson's character, Lena, will date disastrously, but in the end Barry follows her to Hawaii, where they fall in love, whisper sweet nothings like "I want to smash your face with a sledgehammer it's so pretty," and lock lips in silhouette for the most stylized Hollywood kiss since Busby Berkeley.
The most lavish aquatic extravaganzas teamed Williams with Busby Berkeley, the legendary dance choreographer.
Mel'nikov, for instance, brilliantly related the radicalism of the Constructivist movement to the new diktat that buildings should be easily readable by everyman in his competition project for the commissariat of heavy industry in Red Square in a kind of Busby Berkeley set.
It's a chorus girl of a building: leggy and brassy and spangled with pink neon that would have done Busby Berkeley proud.