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a terminal that serves bus passengers

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The Kashmere Gate Inter- State Bus Terminus ( ISBT) has been heavily waterlogged since Wednesday night because of which bus services were badly hit.
Sharp vigil is being kept at airports, railway stations, bus terminus and crowded places.
If some decide that this ruins their city, then could I ask what was so attractive about the dirty, smelly bus terminus which occupied the site once?
He was charged with stealing a mobile phone and an MP3 player from two teenagers at Belgard Square bus terminus, Tallaght, Dublin, on January 29.
She claimed that when she got into the front seat of the car, the driver locked the doors and drove her to a deserted bus terminus.
Above ground, the new station is linked to an elegant, airy bus terminus, designed by Foster and Partners.
The musical medley is piped for 13 hours a day over the public address system at the town's central bus terminus.
Tenders are invited for Round the clock guarding arrangement for Starter Room and the Existing Structure and S & P fitting (Toilet Block) of the Temporary Bus Terminus Including Passenger Shed etc.
The attackers were riding on a motor bike, and lobbed the grenade at the crowd of people at the bus terminus.
Most times we would only get to the bus terminus by the Arden Oak pub and allotments in Sheldon.
PASSENGERS have reported a rat infestation at a major South Wales bus terminus.
The day was organised by the Manipur Drivers Welfare Association at the Inter State Bus Terminus in Imphal.
A BARE bus terminus flower bed has been transformed into a riot of colour thanks to some 'Guerrilla Gardening'.
For starters, the road by the bus terminus at Rathbone Close is full of potholes.
A number of bus users feel it is high time Mowasalat starts services between different places without all buses being operated from the city's Central Bus Terminus in Bin Dirham, as is being done now.