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a traffic lane intended for buses only

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Priority measures such as bus lanes enable services to move freely and keep to time, providing an attractive alternative to taking the car, which in turn helps ease congestion and improve local air quality.
So even out of restricted hours they absolutely insist on driving in the outer lane and refuse to move into the bus lane.
Conservative Coun Ken Taylor said he agreed a review was needed but worried the council might be stuck with the bus lanes.
AA spokesman Luke Bosdet said: "Those enforcing bus lanes must know the context of a road which is situated outside a hospital.
But the opposition Green Party said the decision did not take into account the effect of promoting car use over bus lanes in the long term.
PACHTER STATION When bus lanes and car lanes join together, it causes more congestion.
Spokesman John Lamb said: "We are not aware of complaints from our members, but most will be aware of the bus lanes through the publicity.
A WEST Yorkshire-wide policy could be formed on who can use bus lanes.
The PS90 fines for abusing bus lanes will be reduced to PS45 if paid within 14 days and drivers will have the right to appeal a penalty.
I think car drivers should be fined and lorry drivers as well, so stop moaning car drivers and stay out the bus lanes or get fined.
Cabinet member for neighbourhoods and regulatory services, Coun Nick Kemp, said: "The vast majority of motorists obey the rules but there is an irresponsible minority who drive down bus lanes, slowing buses and disrupting other road users.
Council's nasty sneaky penalties I AM writing to draw your attention to the nasty, underhand way that Birmingham City Council deal with bus lane nes.
As someone who was caught out by a bus lane camera, I resent the council saying anyone who abuses bus lanes threatens the safety of other road users.
For only LICENSED taxis can use bus lanes at any time - and Noel's has not been registered since 2007 He's also added a jokey message, Action Against Time Thieves on the taxi's pretend cabbie plate, making clear his feelings about traffic jams.
MORE than 1,680 drivers were caught on CCTV abusing bus lanes in Liverpool city centre in their first three days in operation.