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Synonyms for bus

the topology of a network whose components are connected by a busbar

a car that is old and unreliable

send or move around by bus

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ride in a bus

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remove used dishes from the table in restaurants

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Total quantity or scope: Public transport of passengers by bus lines from the approved municipal and regional transport schemes in the quotas of Provadia municipality is as follows
The value that the partnership between Lakeland Bus Lines and Google Maps provides riders is simply fantastic," says Rajiv Prasad.
The Israeli daily Hretz reported on Sunday that the Israeli Transportation Ministry was not calling the buses segregated, but rather termed them bus lines intended to relieve the distress of the Palestinian workers.
But it is the so-called "Chinatown" bus lines, operating outside of the framework of government regulations, that authorities say pose a threat.
The 266 bus line starts from the first stop of the gondola in Simeonovo and again climbs up to the Aleko Resort.
The one time they saw an increase in ridership during that time was when our civil suit forced them to cut fares and expand bus lines.
There is not enough parking for customers and we don't want space to be taken up by more bus lines and stops.
Deluxe Bus Lines, for example, has just built a new facility for its four licensed mechanics and body man.
The site currently includes tickets from 12 different bus lines in its search results, with plans to add more lines soon.
AVV-regional bus line 704: SchwabmE-nchen-Mittelneufnach.
is jointly operated by Greyhound and Peter Pan Bus Lines, two of the safest motorcoach operators in the country.
Twice a year, the transportation agency evaluates its nearly 200 bus lines for efficiency and ridership and recommends service changes to its directors.
Instead, rail lines often replace bus lines, and this means the poor must endure more transfers as they go from bus to rail and back.
Situated at the corner of East 42nd Street and Fifth Avenue, 475 Fifth is within walking distance to Grand Central Station, the Port Authority Bus Terminal and several subway and bus lines.
The request stems from the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission's purchase of Sudbury to Toronto and North Bay to Toronto bus routes, related coach equipment and the Barrie bus terminal from Gray Coach Bus Lines Inc.