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Synonyms for Burundi

a landlocked republic in east central Africa on the northeastern shore of Lake Tanganyika

of or relating to or characteristic of Burundi or its people


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Pan right-to-left, Jamal Benomar, United Nations Secretary-General Special Adviser on Burundi, walking to lectern
Kagame in April expressed concern over the situation in Burundi, which has forced over 70,000 refugees to seek safety in Rwanda.
Burundi was plunged into turmoil in late April when President Pierre Nkurunziza launched his drive for a third consecutive five-year term, triggering widespread protests.
Amid the violence, the African Union delayed the next deployment of Burundi troops " a rebuke that would have been unthinkable three years ago.
Cholera, endemic in Tanzania and Burundi, is an intestinal infection often linked to contaminated drinking water.
You know that Burundi is among the countries that is contributing troops in Somalia and that's why I came here to contact my friends and my fellow presidents in Kenya and Uganda and these countries are being targeted by al-Shabab," Mr Nkurunziza said, adding that his aim in contacting fellow presidents was to find strategies to safeguard the security of Burundians.
He stressed that both in and outside of Burundi, many people are extremely worried about tensions rising sharply as the elections approach.
Westwood teachers say the book will do more than just raise funds and awareness about the Bridge to Burundi Project.
Currently, Burundi experiences a high frequency of blackouts, with downtime in electrical access an average of two days a week.
The three-day conference is organized by the National Records and Archives Authority (NRAA) in the capital Bujumbura, in collaboration with the intermediary office, the University of Burundi and University of Peace Reconciliation in the Republic of Burundi.
BUJUMBURA, BURUNDI * Three elderly Italian nuns killed in Burundi were laid to rest Sept.
This Travel Warning replaces the Travel Warning for Burundi dated October 11, 2013, to reiterate existing security concerns and to note updated security restrictions on travel for Embassy personnel.
The Marines have been in Burundi since October, taking part in military-to-military engagements focused on varied skills and knowledge including combat marksmanship, first aid, basic infantry skills and engineering techniques.
Burundi's goalkeeper, Arthur Arakaza of Burundi saves Makusu Mundele's penalty but he could do nothing when RD Congo scored the other two goals that qualified them to the last eight stgage