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English explorer who with John Speke was the first European to explore Lake Tanganyika (1821-1890)

Welsh film actor who often co-starred with Elizabeth Taylor (1925-1984)

a strong dark English ale

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I remember turning on the news and the BBC bulletin led by slowly unveiling the face of Richard Burton, dead at 58 from a cerebral haemorrhage.
That BBC news clip showed photographs of Burton, accompanied by that magnificently melodic, thunderous voice which sounded as if it had been blasted out of a coal-mine, reading from Shakespeare.
The steamy excerpts from Burton's love letters recreate for the reader the intense curiosity the public felt about the Burtons as a result of Le Scandale.
Between 1962-1966, the seven films the Burtons starred in made over $200 million.
Two of them, Don Burton, who volunteers as vice chair of the Central North Carolina board of trustees, and his wife Irene Burton, drew on their thirty years of living with MS.
Irene Burton was diagnosed in 1977 while she was in college.
Dane Kennedy The Highly Civilized Man: Richard Burton and the Victorian World.
post-Renaissance writers considered or made use of Browne, Donne, or Burton is the question of whether they adopted the same rhetorical strategies, the same mode, the same method; it is the similarity of conception - the nature of the persona or voice, the nature of the quest, the nature of the inquiry - and of the structure that emerges to which I have tried to turn attention" (155-56).
No matter what game animal mix the Burtons raise on their ranch, Kodiak's big brown bears will remain a major part of the equation.
Beginning Monday, June 4th through Sunday, July 15th, the South Windsor Burtons Grill location will give its guests a chance to win exclusive prizes in celebration of its first year's success.
After years of friendship and collaboration, it seems only fitting to be working on a project with Burton specially made for rule breakers and risk takers," says Mazdack Rassi, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Milk.
Speck is stoked to announce the expansion of its "Fitted x Burton" partnership with Burton Snowboards to include all-new, custom-designed hard-shell Fitted cases for iPad[R] and iPhone 4[R].
4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Burton Snowboards is honored to officially unveil the 2014 U.
15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for winter, Burton Snowboards is pleased to officially announce the opening of two new East Coast partner stores: the first is in the DC metro area and the second is a pop-up Burton partner store in northern New Jersey.