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a city in northwestern England

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STANLEY ON BURT LANCASTER "He was far past his excitingly athletic best but somehow he made the simple business of extracting a cigarette from a pack of Camels and applying a lighter an elegant thing STANLEY met Lancaster when he was staying at Inverlochy Castle, in Inverness-shire, filming Local Hero.
FROM HERE TO ETERNITY: Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr rolling around on the beach.
A regular contributor to 'The Saturday Evening Post' and other national magazines, many of his published stories became major motion pictures starring such Hollywood luminaries as Burt Lancaster and Jimmy Stewart.
Many of his stories have been made into films with stars such as Jimmy Stewart, Burt Lancaster and others who all have cameo appearances in his memoir.
Later, the couple moved north to similar jobs at the Beverly Hills Tennis Club, giving lessons to the likes of Burt Lancaster, Dinah Shore, Kirk Douglas, Gilbert Roland, Garry Marshall, Sandra Dee and Jack Klugman from ``The Odd Couple.
She won an Oscar for 1959's The Diary Of Anne Frank and was a lover of many of Hollywood's leading men, including Burt Lancaster, William Holden, Marlon Brando, Errol Flynn and Clark Gable.
Rising through the advertising and publicity tanks, he worked on such films as "Summertime," starring Katharine Hepburn, and "Trapeze," starring Burt Lancaster.
Cheerer's story about a disaffected suburbanite who reexamines his life while swimming his way home across his neighbors' pools was previously brought to the screen in 1968 by hunky Burt Lancaster, who could definitely fill a Speedo.
There's Raymond Moley, a staunch New Dealer who lost his faith and went on to travel the conservative speaking circuit; and there's General Edwin Walker, a demagogic anti-communist who provided the inspiration for the Burt Lancaster character in the film, Seven Days in May.
In spring there will be a musical version of Sweet Smell of Success, the acrid 1957 movie with Burt Lancaster as a vicious gossip columnist and Tony Curtis as a toadying publicist.
The story of Burt Lancaster begins with the idea of America, with the belief that you can journey to another place and become another person," wrote Kate Buford in Burt Lancaster: An American Life (Alfred A Knopf, pp.
An autumnal Burt Lancaster plays the character modeled on Praz and a Lamborghini-sleek Silvana Mangano embodies everything that threatens his "mould of the spirit.
They looked like Burt Lancaster wearing an elastic swim cap five sizes too small.
Dressed in diamond sweaters that went out with Terry And June and tight strides, he looks like a character from the Burt Lancaster movie The Swimmer until you notice he keeps his tee behind his right ear.
The Esy Morales orchestra had a cameo role in the 1949 motion picture Criss Cross which saw Burt Lancaster in the leading role.