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Beitrage zur Morphologie der Burseraceae, insbesondere der Canarieae II.
Burseraceae This family has mostly berry-like fruits, but the monotypic genus Triomma Hook.
Table I The occurrence of complete staminodial whorls in the Magnoliatae as derived from (ob)diplostemonous or dicyclic androccia (a) Family Tribe, genus, or species Alliaceae Allium, Trichlora, Gilliesia Anacardiaceae Pentaspadon Bombacaceae Chorisia Bonnetiaceae Ploiarium, Archytaea Brexiaceae Brexia, Ixerba Burseraceae Santiria Caesalpiniaceae Dimorphandra Caryophyllaceae Paronychia, Herniaria, Habrosia, Schiedea, etc.
2); in the case of oilbirds, to palms or trees of the families Burseraceae and Lauraceae, their preferred feeding trees (Herzog & Kessler, 1997).
Boraginaceae Leafy twig X X X Bourreria ovata Miers Burseraceae Leafy twig X X Bursera simaruba (L.
Family: Burseraceae, a fine white crystalline powder (Batch number: HC/BS/11015) was obtained from Herbosin CORPS, Meerut, U.
Another unique plant is the Commiphora wightii of the family of Burseraceae, locally called Eoe1/4Y[pounds sterling]mqelEoe1/4ao.
Primary forest sites are dominated by Burseraceae, Sapotaceae, Lecythidaceae, Mimosaceae, and Lauraceae, and are characterized by low levels of anthropogenic influence.
In Mesoamerica, the scent of choice is copal, the resin of various trees in the torchwood family, or Burseraceae.