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Synonyms for ragweed

widespread European weed having yellow daisylike flowers

any of numerous chiefly North American weedy plants constituting the genus Ambrosia that produce highly allergenic pollen responsible for much hay fever and asthma

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The objective of this study was to quantify leafing, flowering, and fruiting phenologies of all seven Mojave Desert species--Shockley's goldenhead (Acamptopappus shockleyi), white bursage (Ambrosia dumosa), shadscale (Atriplex confertifolia), Nevada ephedra (Ephedra nevadensis), winterfat (Krascheninnikovia lanata), range ratany (Krameria erecta), and creosote bush (Larrea tri-dentata), occurring in the nest area compared to the adjacent non-nest area in Las Vegas Valley.
Annual precipitation is often less than 10 centimeters (4 inches) and summer temperatures frequently soar to 43 degrees Centigrade (110 degrees Fahrenheit) or more in this baked landscape of sandy plains, scattered dunes, and sparse, simple vegetation communities dominated by creosote (Larrea divaricata), white bursage (Ambrosia dumosa), and galleta grass (Hilaria rigida).
Type morroensis has been found in sand verbena-beach bursage, coyote brush, coast live oak woodland, nodding needle-grass, European beachgrass, California annual grassland, iceplant, and dune lupine-goldenbush series communities at 4-162 m elevations on soils of clay and active dune sand.
Vegetation is typical of the Mojave Desert and is dominated by creosotebush (Larrea tridentata) and white bursage (Ambrosia dumosa).
Coleogyne ramosissima shrubs are a common vegetation type in mid-elevations of the Mojave Desert, with creosote bush-white bursage (Larrea tridentata-Ambrosia dumosa) shrublands occurring on valley floors and lower desert mountain slopes and with pinyon pine-Utah juniper (Pinus monophylla-Juniperus osteosperma) woodlands occurring at higher mountain slopes (Lei 1995).
floridum), saguaro (Carnegiea gigantea), prickly pear (Opuntia), pincushion (Mammillaria), creosotebush (Larrea tridentata), triangle-leaf bursage (Ambrosia deltoidea), and jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis).