Robert Burns

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celebrated Scottish poet (1759-1796)


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Stephen Spollin's hat-trick gave Kingsbridge Colts under-11s a 3-2 win over Forefield Reds (Tom Burns, Robert Rowlands).
Moses, Jere Burns, Robert Culp, Kevin Tighe, John Apicella and Ken Kercheval
He could be Rabbie Burns, Robert the Bruce or Bob the Builder for all I know.
Coventry squad: Robert Jones, John Madley, Richard Geer-Evans, Lee Gordon, Adam Rice, Qasim Mukhtar, Tom Lawrence, Ashley Waite, Charlie Authwick, Tom Burns, Robert Wood, Philip Cones, Jenny Willis, Sam Cooper.
Keith Blenkinsop and Lindsay Harkins were the ring-leaders while Andrew Burns, Robert Dalrymple and James Elvin acted as couriers.