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a native or inhabitant of Myanmar

the official language of Burma

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He urged the Pakistani Muslims to extend support to Ummah Welfare Trust for Burmese Muslims.
They are there, and they are entitled to the same rights as any other Burmese citizen, starting with citizenship.
Mr Blackwood, a bar manager who has dual New Zealand and British nationality, was found guilty of insulting religion along with the bar's Burmese owner and another manager - despite apologising for posting the picture.
Wildlife officials say rock pythons captured here have averaged 10 feet in length; the longest Burmese python caught in Florida was over 18 feet long.
Britons Hannah Witheridge and David Miller, as a Burmese man has confessed to killing the two British tourists on the Thai island of Koh Tao |
But last year, the UK Government announced they would provide military training for the Burmese army.
We have repeatedly urged the Burmese Government to ensure the conduct of the census meets international norms and standards," the statement noted.
Invasion of the Burmese Python is part game and part interactive nature documentary.
Lead author Todd Castoe, an assistant professor of biology at The University of Texas at Arlington College of Science, and 38 co-authors from four countries sequenced and analyzed the genome of the Burmese python, or Python molurus bivittatus.
The Rohingya are not recognised as citizens by the Burmese government and are considered one of the world's most persecuted peoples.
Nowhere has this been more salient an observation than with the Burmese people throughout the 20th Century.
He told a group of about 30 Burmese living in the United States that the developement of democracy in his homeland must go hand in hand with economic development and that economic growth must come first.
All of these items are examples of Burmese lacquerware.
Advancing slowly and quietly through the muddy goop, our eyes carefully scanned toppled trees, debris piles and foliage for any sign of the target: a Burmese python.
The Burmese government considers drug enforcement secondary to national stability and is willing to allow narcotics trafficking in border areas in exchange for cooperation from ethnic armed groups and militias.