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British statesman famous for his oratory


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The Burkean generational contract binds together property and patriarchy Its logic thus appealed to the emerging bourgeoisie of the eighteenth century as well as the established aristocracy of the period.
Two of its "legs"--economic libertarianism and vigorous internationalism--are philosophically constitutive features of liberalism and in orientation profoundly opposite to the original Burkean, traditionalist, communitarian form of conservatism.
The conservative historian and intellectual Russell Kirk wrote that in the Burkean account, the framers of the Constitution rejected Locke's "misty debatable land of an abstract liberty, equality, fraternity" in favor of the "enlargement" of the British constitutional tradition, which rests not on a written document but on a lattice of local laws, precedents, and norms dating to ancient times.
Despite its usefulness for Romanticists generally who might be interested in making forays into crime fiction, From the Sublime to City Crime suffers throughout from a vague deployment of crucial terms like the sublime and "the Gothic"--both used interchangeably with "terror" and related Burkean lexemes of affect--as well as "Romantic, which seems never to have weathered the frosts of deconstruction or annealed in the fires of New Historicism, but here retains the expressionistic tenor that M.
In keeping with his Burkean analogy, Weiner offers Moynihan as a seeker of common ground and asks: Could Moynihan make a difference in the fractured politics of today?
To elucidate this point, we draw on the connections among Burkean rhetoric, American exceptionalism, and constitutive rhetoric.
Cotter, A Burkean Perspective on Patent Eligibility, Part II: Reflections on the (Counter) Revolution in Patent Law, 11 MINN.
In any debate, the Burkean conservative position is worth serious consideration.
This reading of Godwin's Burkean politics is controversial to say the least.
The source of the Burkean sublime is terrible objects.
The continuation war 1941-1944 as a metanoic moment; a Burkean reading of Finnish clerical rhetoric.
Between chapters 3 and 4, Albright jumps across thirty-three years--from 1826 (The Last Man) to 1859 (Wilkie Collins's The Woman in White)--noting that his goal is to trace a dialectical relationship between Gothic romance and sensation fiction (17-18) as well as between the Burkean and Darwinian models of generational transmission that these narrative modes engage, and not to chart a movement from the one to the other.
Merkel's view of politics is an almost Burkean one.
These are the 'little platoons' of Burkean parlance and for Scruton they have a crucial role to play in exerting pressure on businesses to produce more sustainably.
While their vision of democracy is rightly called radical, the processes through which they proposed to cure the ills of democracy are in large measure conservative, in the classical Burkean sense of the term.