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Synonyms for Burke

Synonyms for Burke

British statesman famous for his oratory


United States frontierswoman and legendary figure of the Wild West noted for her marksmanship (1852-1903)

murder without leaving a trace on the body

get rid of, silence, or suppress

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Burke described his father as "a self-made type of guy but not very touchy-feely.
The Sterling Professor of English at Yale University informs us that "no historian today would repeat the commonplace that Burke was the father of modern conservatism.
Drew Maciag and Jesse Norman approach Burke in quite disparate ways.
political context, with its heavy emphasis on individual rights and autonomy--a stance that Burke criticized as a fundamental error which, along with an over-emphasis on rationality, inevitably led to the horrors of the French Revolution.
Among Burke Lift features is a one-clutch system, which allows for the elimination of switching between 4/5-ton and 8/10-ton devices.
Burke was among a group of 10 people who then surrounded the guard and punched him, Highbury magistrates court heard.
The main presence in Burke's criticism is Aristotle, and Burke often wrestles with the Aristotelian question of the priority of plot over character.
A discussion on breakfast radio last year asked 'is Brian Burke a one-off phenomenon or is he simply a product of our system of politics?
Burke turned down Aston Villa boss O'Neill's offer of a Premiership challenge to stay with Rangers, signing a new deal which would have ended this summer.
But he also acknowledges the fundamental absurdity of lumping Burke in with New Criticism because of his inventions with the concept of form, preoccupied as those inventions always are with speakers' motives and a range of potential audience reactions; that is, not with static form but with a rhetoric of emergent form (xxxi).
Burke had thrown in his lot with Fox after the death of Lord Rockingham in the summer of 1782, and, after Pitt's triumph, he was never to hold government office again.
Burke, director of district media and technology services, was to join "the district's voice, video and data networks into a single converged network.
which was written by Bloodworth-Thomason and earned Burke an Emmy nomination.
If this amounts to a worldview, it's certainly not that of Burke.