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Synonyms for tumulus

(archeology) a heap of earth placed over prehistoric tombs

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We are keen on protecting history and the burial mounds are of significance not just to Bahrainis, but to the world, as they possess knowledge and rich value that is unmatched elsewhere," said area councillor Khalid Qambar.
Bahrain has untouched heritage that does not exist anywhere else like the burial mounds and the oyster beds.
In addition to the burial mounds, excavations have revealed a substantial amount of information concerning the economy of the region.
Pottery 3000 years old - found in the Glebe Cairn burial mound seen from the museum windows - is proudly displayed.
Large burial mounds like the ones found in Bat, site of ancient Magan civilisation of the 3rd millennium BC, are one of the most reliable parameters used by archaeologists to irrefutably establish the fact that a civilisation had crystalised and assumed a very definite identity," Prof Tosi said during the book launch.
These illustrations help a modern reader picture ships, war gear, burial mounds, dragons, mead halls, and jewelry.
Cairns can be boundary markers, the foundations of Stone, Bronze or Iron Age huts, burial mounds, even kilns.
The outcome is delightfully primitive, like an archaeological excavation revealing ancient burial mounds, and it would take some effort for it to be properly habitable.
Their traces can be found in ancient carvings, burial mounds, and architecture.
Along with space for several round houses and granaries within an enclosure, the site has also yielded the remains of three circular burial mounds just 200 yards away.
We have the Brecon Beacons National Park, the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Gwent Levels, all within easy reach, plus historical sites from Stone Age burial mounds to the Blaenavon World Heritage Site.
Having meetings and ceremonies on ancient burial mounds dates back to prehistory.
An ancient tumulus in Wadayama, Hyogo Prefecture, has turned out to be one of the largest burial mounds in the Kinki region and contains numerous artifacts, the prefecture's board of education said Wednesday.
1million preparing giant burial mounds to take 430,000 infected animals at Ash Moor farm in Petrockstowe, West Devon.