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Synonyms for Burgundy

a former province of eastern France that is famous for its wines


red table wine from the Burgundy region of France (or any similar wine made elsewhere)

a dark purplish-red to blackish-red color

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In the word's of Ron Burgandy, it is "kind of a big deal.
There were more than 120 varieties of spuds to choose from in the marquee in the grounds of the Wolston Lane gardens, with many that can't be found in the supermarket, including Edzell Blue, Golden Mayan, Highland Burgandy Red and the red, white and blue Yetholm's Gypsy.
Remember in Anchor Man when Ron Burgandy cursed on air and the entire city turned on him?
The seed mix contains two legumes--Milgarra Butterfly Pea and Burgandy Bean, a fast-growing, vining legume that produces tons of high-protein forage.
Carol Smillie offers viewers the chance to win a three-bedroom stone farmhouse in Burgandy -as soon as the designers have removed the dead bats and giant spiders and knocked it into shape.
above) Kookai burgandy leather jacket (pounds 89) and (below) white beaded dress (pounds 250) by Simon Ellis both from House of Fraser; 007 STYLE.
Among other things, St Andrew is patron saint of singers, healthy throats, fishermen, Burgandy, old maids, and against goutso far always failed23 Patrick, the Welshman who is patron saint of Ireland, receives much more attention in his country than St Andrew does in Scotland.