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(French) an establishment where you can exchange foreign money

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SPECIFIC measures are also being drawn up to deal with bureaux de change, which currently fall outside the financial regulatory system and can easily be exploited by terrorists and other criminals seeking to launder money.
The court was told on one occasion Green and Hart converted pounds 160,000 in cash at the bureaux de change.
Lineker, who lives in apounds 2million mansion in Fyfield, Essex, used "mules" to transfer profits from his chain of continental sports bars to England, where it was laundered into sterling using bureaux de change offices and then a bent stockbroker.
Des responsables dans les bureaux de change ont revele que les achats en dollars ont eu la part du lion dans les transactions ces derniers jours (taux estime a 60% du total des transactions).
It is suspected that they are filtering this money through bureaux de change because this way it is much harder to trace.
The court heard that the Post Office had two rates for bureaux de change - one for customers buying less than pounds 5,000 of foreign currency and another so-called 'special rate' for those buying more than pounds 5,000.
BAA specified such activities as advertising, long-term car parking and bureaux de change, Reuters reported.
The ferry giant accepts old European currency, which was replaced by the euro three years ago, in the bureaux de change aboard its fleet of 13 ferries sailing out of Dover and Portsmouth.
Les caisses des bureaux de change sont vides et les Egyptiens, trop inquiets pour l'avenir et n'ayant pas confiance au gouvernement, cherchent desesperement les billets verts.
Lineker, who lives in a pounds 2million mansion in Fyfield, Essex, used "mules" to transfer profits from his sports bars on the continent to England, where it was laundered using bureaux de change offices and, later, a crooked stockbroker.
Cela n'a pas, toutefois, empeche certains parlementaires de poser des questions pertinentes sur le retard dans l'agrement des bureaux de change prives, la gestion des reserves par les autorites monetaires et les mecanismes de controle de change.
2 Don't pay on a credit card at bureaux de change PAYING for currency at a UK bureau on a credit card counts as an overseas cash withdrawal.
Then they recruited runners - including a teenager at Edinburgh nightclub Mambo - to go into shops, post offices and bureaux de change to cash the fake cheques.
As consumers will be able to get hold of little new currency in advance of E-day on January 1, retailers will be expected to act as bureaux de change, accepting old currency and giving change in euros.
me/hoteltricks YOU CAN BAG PERFECT EXCHANGE RATES IN EVERY COUNTRY FORGET bureaux de change, forget bank cards.