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ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Ongoing reorganization within the National Police Department's Intelligence Bureau Secretariat (yDB) in various provinces of Turkey has led to thinking that government-orchestrated profiling operations to remove and reshuffle dissident bureaucrats from state bodies has extended beyond major cities.
Many bureaucrats are trying to move out of Bihar on central deputation
The court has maintained the decisions taken by Central Selection Board (CSB) in connection with promotion of 80 bureaucrats were not transparent.
Although bureaucrats have now been banned from answering questions during a Diet session, Furukawa said the practice was necessary to give the public explanations from ''the standpoint of a professional.
This skill was recently displayed by American bureaucrats in the Boston social security office.
The resignation of bureaucrats has raised speculation as to why they are in a hurry to leave the government organization, where people were eager to be employed a few months ago.
3 ON HOW SENIOR BUREAUCRATS CAN GUIDE JUNIORS: IAS officers holding high positions of joint secretary at the Centre or principal secretaries in the state are capable of providing educative inputs from their personal experience to budding bureaucrats.
There is no doubt that politicians treat the country as their fiefdom and bureaucrats behave like personal servants to please their masters.
Petitioner has argued that nearly 60 politicians and bureaucrats have transferred more than 30,000 million dollars out from the country trough money laundering.
It was, however, converted into a 100-metre-tall building and apartments in it were allocated to serving bureaucrats, senior army commanders and relatives of senior politicians.
to do fieldwork; Chapter Three discusses how bureaucrats engaged in reinventing the MS and how the neoliberalism as a political rationality put the program "in line with contemporary political ideologies"(p.
Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshito Sengoku urged senior bureaucrats on Tuesday to improve communication over policymaking with the politicians in charge of their offices, signaling a revision to the Democratic Party of Japan's policy of keeping bureaucrats away from decision-making.
The perceptions of bureaucrats and ministers indicate that loyalty to political establishment is now regarded a crucial requirement in a bureaucrat.
Postal zoku and Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications bureaucrats alike are said to oppose Prime Minister Koizumi's postal privatization plans, just as postal zoku and Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications bureaucrats joined in opposing Prime Minister Hashimoto's efforts to merge the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications into the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and spin the post office off into a public corporation.
The lack of genuine priority given to the life issues by Catholic Church bureaucrats has for many years been one of the most painful obstacles to success for U.