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the law enforcement agency of the Justice Department that operates a nationwide system of prisons and detention facilities to incarcerate inmates sentenced to imprisonment for federal crimes

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Increase funding for the Bureau of Prisons to address chronic understaffing issues that put officers in danger;
In a provision that National Lawyers Guild attorney Scott Fleming calls "frightening and entirely new," the new rules direct the Bureau of Prisons to eavesdrop on conversations that such prisoners have with their attorneys.
Luis Cintron, senior officer, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Federal Detention Center Honolulu, Honolulu, Carmen Cooper, correctional officer, New York Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, Sing Sing Correctional Facility, Ossining, N.
Zoley, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GEO, said, "We are very pleased that Reeves County has received this important contract award from the Federal Bureau of Prisons.
According to the claim, on June 20, 2008, at the USP Atwater in Atwater, California, United State Federal Correctional Officer Jose Rivera, in only his 10th month with the United States Bureau of Prisons, was fatally stabbed by two apparently intoxicated inmates: Jose Cabrera Sablan and James Ninete Leon Guerrero (the assailants) both serving life terms.
A prisoner brought a pro-se petition for a writ of habeas corpus challenging a federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) policy that limited his transfer to a Community Corrections Center, to the lesser of six months or the last ten percent of a prisoner's sentence.
The company is attempting to land a contract with the federal Bureau of Prisons.
The plaintiffs settled their civil suit against the Federal Bureau of Prisons for $500,000 and forced the agency to make dramatic changes in the way it handles allegations of misconduct.
PK - News), a leading provider of non-lethal defense and homeland security solutions for the law enforcement, corrections, military and private security markets, announced the FriskerPRO([R])hand worn metal detector is currently being used by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP).
A federal prisoner filed a habeas corpus petition asserting that the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) was calculating his good time credit in a manner that was contrary to the federal prisoner release statute.
23 /PRNewswire/ -- In what is being billed as a cost-cutting measure, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) plans to close the Seymour Johnson Air Force Base Federal Prison Camp.
Assistance has been provided by the company's staff to virtually every corrections department in the country, including the Federal Bureau of Prisons, all branches of the military and foreign governments.
CCA submitted a proposal to the federal Bureau of Prisons to provide housing for low-security-risk inmates who have less than five years remaining on their sentences.
At the request of the Justice Department, the Bureau of Prisons set a March 30 execution date for David Ronald Chandler, even though Chandler hasn't completed his appeals process.
Corrections Corporation of America is seeking a contract to incarcerate noncitizen inmates from the Federal Bureau of Prisons at the company's private prison in California City.
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