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the United States federal department that promotes and administers domestic and foreign trade (including management of the census and the patent office)

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Nasdaq:WTRS) today announced that it paid a civil penalty to the Bureau of Export Administration, U.
Bureau of Export Administration for its flagship database product, Oracle8i(TM) with Oracle Advanced Security.
Within the scope of this contract, Help Desk support also is being provided to other Department of Commerce offices and operating units that include the Trade Administration and the Bureau of Export Administration.
The United States Bureau of Export Administration has eased the restriction of strong encryption products including Web browsers to foreign countries.
Department of Commerce Bureau of Export Administration issued today.
says it can also provide companies with direct access to little-known databases of people and businesses considered undesirable by the Department of Commerce, the General Services Agency, the Office of Foreign Assets Control, the Department of State and the Bureau of Export Administration.
These certificates, to be issued under a unique license from the US Government Bureau of Export Administration, enable the latest web browsers from Netscape and Microsoft to communicate with military-grade encryption levels irrespective of the normal level of security offered by the browser.
the leading provider of Apache Web server e-commerce solutions, announced today that it has received approval from the US Department of Commerce, Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) to export a version of its Raven(TM) SSL encryption software outside the US and Canada.
Customs Service and Larry Christensen, former Director of the Regulatory Policy Division of the Bureau of Export Administration (BXA), on what changes might be forthcoming at Customs and BXA and how businesses can prepare for these potential changes.
June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- Thawte Certification, a leading provider of Internet PKI interoperability services and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, today announced that the US Commerce Department's Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) has granted Thawte permission to issue certificates that enable strong 128-bit encryption for secure Internet communication and commerce with web browsers.
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