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a trivalent metalloid element

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Even though time is limited, we have also sponsored a lunch and clothing donations at a local orphanage through Mr Burah and his wife Shabina.
The opening of the festival was conducted by the director of the French German Cultural Center in presence of Remi Burah, the secretary general of the TV channel and the Arte's secretary of international relations, who called the festival a "great opportunity to have French and German films in Palestine".
Burah, (41) the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council affirmed the power of colonial courts to hold colonial laws invalid:
Our partnership strategy is again paying off," indicated Olivier Burah, TAGSYS' Vice President of Sales.
He also rubbished accusations of having embezzled stipends of students and the salaries of gaon burah.
Co-producers, Lars Jonsson, Madeleine Ekman, Marianne Slot, Bettina Brokemper, Tomas Eskilsson, Katarina Krave, Jerome Klement, Michel Reilhac, Remi Burah.
R v Burah (1878) and Hodge v The Queen (1883), both relied upon in Powell, concerned the legislative powers conferred upon the Indian legislature and the legislature of the Canadian province of Ontario.
Reflecting, then, upon the approach the courts should take to such questions, Isaacs and Rich JJ cited the opinion of Lord Selborne in R v Burah (254) to the effect that 'it is not for any Court of justice .
TAGSYS is one of only a few companies to deliver an item-level RFID infrastructure to both manufacturers and retailers that follow products through the entire supply chain to point of sale (POS)", explains Olivier Burah, TAGSYS' Vice President of Sales.
The village chief and gaon burah alleged that the AR personnel indiscriminately fired at a house while the ultra were hiding in another house.