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French general who became emperor of the French (1769-1821)

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Confederation des Royanmes et Provinces d' Espagne contre Buonaparte, Nos.
En vain pretendrait-on que Buonaparte n'est pas etranger: il l'est aux yeux de toute l'Europe, de tous les Francais non prevenus; il le sera au jugement de la posterite: elle lui attribuera peutetre la meilleure partie de nos victoires, et nous chargera d'une partie de ses crimes.
Joseph Buonaparte, l'ancien orateur du Conseil d'Etat Regnault de St Jean d'Angely, le general Clausel, le conventionnel regicide Lakanal et le general Grouchy sont, selon ma maniere de voir, les seuls personnages actuellement a New York dont les demarches, la conduite et les projets doivent exciter la surveillance de l'agent de S.
Dear Stuart, The proposition of Mons: Pradel to give us Canova's statue of Buonaparte [sic], in return for our procuring from the Pope the Restoration of the Colossal Statue of the Nile, Either, by interceding for it at Rome, or by bargain with Canova, is totally inadmissible & I am confident that Lord Castlereagh would not listen to it for a moment.
The book of love is particularly interested in the consequence of such trifling objects: the very small and delicate copy of an unknown picture, reproduced as frontispiece; a flageolet brought up with the teapot; bits of text written on a blank leaf of a book or extracted and reprinted as a souvenir ("given to her in our early acquaintance," LA 110); a keepsake locket; a little Prayer-book; and a small bronze figure of Napoleon Buonaparte, "the little image," displayed on the mantle.
In 1998, Iain Fenlon and James Haar identified the binding as Roman (which did not discount the manuscript's provenance as Florentine), and two years ago Joshua Drake identified Jacopo Buonaparte as its likely first owner.
In her chapter "The History of Buonaparte," for instance, she carefully argues that Captain Wentworth is based at least in part on Francis Austen, Jane's brother and a naval war hero.
The new Resources office in Milan is currently located at: Via Monte di Pieta, 21 20121 Milan On September 1, 2007, the office will move to: Foro Buonaparte, 59 20121 Milan Email: gabriele.
Leask goes on to explore the significance of Byron's ambivalent portrait of the court of "the Mahometan Buonaparte," Ali Pasha, precisely delineating the historical context whereby European Philhellenes sought to regenerate modern Greece by purging its oriental aspects, whilst other commentators, such as Thomas Thornton, wrote positively of Turkish culture and indeed the regime of the Ottoman Empire.
To put it in terms familiar to the shopkeepers who, as Buonaparte observed, rule this unhappy country, we have to sell our product.
Bush is the President of the United States", or "Napolean Buonaparte crowned himself emperor of France" would here considered to be self-contained.
From Chateaubriand, we have an 1814 work, On Buonaparte and the Bourbons, written as the allies were occupying Paris, which Blum calls "one of the monuments of counter-revolutionary literature" (xxii).
Haupt- und Residenzstadt Wien durch franzosischen Truppen unter den Befehlen des Generals Buonaparte und durch das merkwurdig osterreichische Aufgebot den 4ten April 1797.