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As they were 83-5 only a few overs before, you can deduce there was a collapse of Bunyanesque scale, as a massively fired up Asim Khan bowled a marathon 18-over spell in the almost tropical heat.
They are behemothic and Bunyanesque, massively massy and mightily monstrous.
Watts, Wesley, and their poetic imitators retained substantial elements of Miltonic paradox and Bunyanesque realism that lent their poems a substantial uncertainty about spiritual things.
And that vernacular phrase in the penultimate line--"World fawn, or frown"--seems to try to make some gesture back to the little Bunyanesque allegory with which the poem began.
When the novel was put out in a prim and bowdlerized English version in 1931, it impressed even Sir Henry Newbolt with its Bunyanesque dash and fiery, primitive imagery.
Games in Denver have degenerated into Bunyanesque displays of might, where the operator of the electric scoreboard is always a candidate to develop carpal-tunnel syndrome.
Using as his point of departure Ruskin's thorough knowledge of The Pilgrim's Progress and childhood training in biblical exegesis, Finley casts Ruskin as an "Interpreter" of a distinctly Bunyanesque sort: "Having resisted the vocation of Evangelist that his parents had intended for him, Ruskin made his own pilgrimage by reading the world, by building his dwelling-place, his works, as a kind of House of the Interpreter .
Sherman Way property that has become an area landmark because of a Paul Bunyanesque plaster "giant" standing watch 45 feet above ground.
Scott didn't waste time admiring his Bunyanesque drive.