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Australian conifer bearing two-inch seeds tasting like roasted chestnuts

nut tasting like roasted chestnuts

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School units developed around regional food self-sufficiency, replacing lost Bunya forests or improving water quality would, I believe, have enjoyed widespread community support.
Paratypes: 9, same data as for holotype (EUQ); 3[male][male][female], same location as for holotype, GB Monteith (EUQ); Bunya Mountains, 2 March 1957, EF Riek (ANIC)
On behalf of His Highness Sheikh Tahnoon Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, a leading figure in many of Abu Dhabi's real estate projects, His Excellency Abdul Hamid Saeed, Chairman of Reem Investments, led the tree planting ceremony in the presence of senior officials from Bunya, as well as the Chairmen and CEOs of thedevelopers.
Also, the actress has planted 150 cypress leylandii saplings, ranging from 4ft to 6ft tall, around her 140-acre Bunya Hill estate.
Project Location : Reem Island, Abu Dhabi Details : Abu Dhabi-based Bunya has invited companies to bid for the contract to build a sewage treatment plant (STP) and polishing plant on Reem Island, by October 10.
They were the Social Insurance Organization of Bahrain, Instrata Bunya Fund, First Energy Bank, Bahrain Islamic Bank and Capital Management House, the spokesman said.
The Social Insurance Organisation of Bahrain, Instrata Bunya Fund, Capital Management House, Bahrain Islamic Bank and First Energy Bank have joined GDF Suez and GIC in the project, where GDF Suez will remain the largest shareholder with a 45 per cent stake.
Yeates (QM S32064); 1 [female], Brooyar State Forest via Glastonbury (26[degrees]01'S, 152[degrees]23'E), Rozefelds, Sinclair (QM S32026); 2 [female], 1 [female], 1 juvenile [female], Bunya National Park (26[degrees]51'S, 151[degrees]34'E), 6 March 1976, Raven, Davies (QM S32036); 1 [female],3L, Kroombit Tops, Dawes Range (24[degrees]23'S, 150[degrees]57' E), 9-19 December 1983, Davies, Gallon (QM S20416); 1 [female], Kroombit Tops, Dawes Range, 45 km SSW.
Bunya, the resident regulatory authority and regional infrastructure developer for Reem Island, near Abu Dhabi city, says work on several key projects on the landmark development is intensifying and on schedule.
At Cambria there is a formal garden with roses and a Bunya Bunya tree for background.
The country is the traditional home of the Jarowair Aboriginal people, who are one of the many Aboriginal groups associated with the Bunya Mountains (or Boobarran Ngummin) and the (usually) triennial feasts and ceremonies held there in pre-contact times (Jerome 2002; Morwood 1986, 1987; Rowlings-Jensen 2004; Sullivan 1977).
Roswitha se werk by die Bunya Skool in Rundu het die inspekteurs so beindruk dat hulle haar by die stigting van die nuwe Mbambi Kindertuin betrek het.
The indictment apparently shows the authorities' intention to forcibly impose their policy over Hinomaru and Kimigayo on the public and they consider those who go against them unforgivable,'' said Bunya Kato, a Tokyo lawyer who heads the defense team.
Prosecutors said a Central Intelligence Organisation agent overhead Arnold Bunya, 29, telling his brother during the argument, 'Do not be thickheaded like Mugabe.
Almost like a koala, Jones had made a bunya pine his home for several weeks, building a small shelter to protect himself from the elements, getting along well with neighboring opossums, and providing inspiration for those on the ground.