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a gas burner used in laboratories


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Bunsen was very impressed by the celebration, as a remark in one of his letters shows:
Moreover, from this passage we learn that at this time Bunsen was already acquainted with the English baptismal and burial rites as well.
It was certainly not by chance that Bunsen chose to insert exactly this prayer into his order.
Bunsen intended to achieve this goal in a comprehensive `Codex Liturgicus ecclesiae universe', which, however, remained an unpublished fragment.
A development in Germany, which Bunsen could not and did not foresee, forced him soon to abandon his mainly theoretical approach--namely the attempt to unite the Lutheran and the Reformed Churches in Prussia by means of the introduction of an official liturgy for both denominations in 1821 1.
25) So, like the Prussian King, Bunsen in principle considers the liturgy to be an appropriate means to achieve a union between different denominations.
In his article, Bunsen gives a survey of the history of English liturgy and draws the consequences for the contemporary situation in six theses.
However that may be, the lack of public response did not lead Bunsen to abandon his ideas.
Bunsen was not aware of this fact, and thus the presence of these versicles in his mass liturgy is explained.
Another text which Bunsen liked very much was the liturgical version of the ten commandments at the actual beginning of Holy Communion in the Book of Common Prayer.
Already in his liturgy of 1828 Bunsen laid particular stress on the liturgical commemoration of the passion of Jesus Christ.