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a gas burner used in laboratories


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Karen Harrington, 53, a nurse, said: "I liked using the Bunsen burners and doing experiments in chemistry when the test tubes would all froth up.
In 57 per cent of cases, the reason given for abandoning classes involving the use of Bunsen burners and dangerous chemicals was rowdy behaviour by pupils.
They will also see that science is about much more than test tubes and Bunsen burners and can involve some very unusual materials - things as different as Mexican pottery and Kiwi fruit
There are no men in white suits brandishing Bunsen burners - instead we get bona-fide Irish celebrities.
On ``Golden State,'' the band (drummer Robin Goodridge, 36; bassist Dave Parsons, 36; guitarist Nigel Pulsford, 37; and Rossdale, 34) put away the beakers and Bunsen burners and got out the loud, raw guitars.
But last week education chiefs in Scotland told pupils not to wear the leisure suits in class, especially when they come into contact with bunsen burners.
replacing Bunsen burners with DC arcs as source units.
Johnson wants to make it clear that his experience with drugs did not involve test tubes and Bunsen burners.
Instead of dealing with beakers, test tubes, and Bunsen burners, scientists could simply inject a small sample into a machine containing a microchip and wait a few minutes for the results to appear on a computer screen.
Remember your high school chemistry lab with row after row of Bunsen burners surrounded by shelves filled with all sorts of toxic chemicals?
Expect quirky cocktails delivered with a dose of theatre, with chemistry sets and Bunsen burners thrown in for good measure.
There's even a nod to the fire pit of the Survivor series when House dons tribal head-dress and lights a series of Bunsen burners to hold his own tribal council.
Last night, Carmarthenshire county councillor John Jenkins, a governor at the Dafen-based school, said he believed the staff were affected by a gas leak in a valve serving bunsen burners in the school laboratory.