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German chemist who with Kirchhoff pioneered spectrum analysis but is remembered mainly for his invention of the Bunsen burner (1811-1899)

a gas burner used in laboratories

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Karen Harrington, 53, a nurse, said: "I liked using the Bunsen burners and doing experiments in chemistry when the test tubes would all froth up.
Appliance of science: Members of Holywell High School Bunsen Buddies club
The catalogue lists a full range of controllers for laboratory equipment, stirrers, Melting Point Apparatus, three ranges of reaction stations--Omni, RS and Integrity--and Electrothermal's well-known Electric Bunsen, the modern version of the old-style Bunsen burner.
Bunsen Burner was third and Concertmaster fourth in this race for Class 1-Grade 2 imported horses.
He said: "The day was a really fun way of showing these young people that there's more to chemistry than a Bunsen burner.
Entitled Costalots, he cleverly repurposes industry-standard safety specs, replacing the lenses originally designed to shield your eyeballs from say, the flicker of a Bunsen burner, with a softer, Laverne & Shirley tinted perspective.
Stuyvesant believes Bunsen is responsible for a number of terrorist attacks in the US including one that killed his fiance, another that left his brother in a vegetative state, and another that almost killed him.
com Get your bunsen burner at the ready because this American site not only explains a whole world of experiments, but also tells you the best way to write up your reports.
Items will include: 202 microscopios binoculares, 101 balanzas metalicas, 101 probetas de vidrio, 101 gradillas, 10,100 tubos de ensayo, 101 espatulas, 101 mecheros Bunsen, 202 vasos quimicos, 101 cintas metricas, 101 lupas de mano, 1,010 cajas de porta objetos, 101 cajas de cubre objetos, 101 morteros con su pistilo.
Jim Bolger runs two here, including the consistent Bunsen Burner, while Curragh trainer Mick Halford also has the consistent SoapWars in the field.
Jim Bolger sent out his first winner of the week as the consistent Bunsen Burner made most of the running under Kevin Manning to land the nursery.
Q MY chemistry teacher claims the Bunsen burner was invented by a man named Bunsen but I remember seeing something on TV saying someone else invented it.
But giving her an unexpected bang trim next time you're working the Bunsen burner would a) get you suspended and b) completely blow your chances of getting The Guy.
SCIENCE Science at school was an enjoyable subject, especially when you set your best mate's hair on fire with a Bunsen burner