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a petroleum product used for fuel


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The annualised savings from low crude oil prices in the cost of bunker fuel would amount to almost $4bn.
New field trials using DiesoLIFT in bunker fuel - which Napocor uses four times as much as diesel - have produced positive initial results.
The new Platts assessments reflect the price of 180 centistoke bunker fuel, 380 centistoke bunker fuel, and marine gasoil delivered at both the Mumbai and Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) ports on the west coast of India.
It will present an analysis of the issues, balances and economics of bunker fuel, stationary fuel oil and residual refinery feedstocks.
The current affirmation reflects the recently amended structure, which removes bunker fuel receivables from the collateral base.
Global capabilities include marine bunker fuel quality and quantity measurement and assurance, marine lubricants condition monitoring, and related expert troubleshooting and preventive maintenance solutions.
BULLETIN BOARD: ETEV) is pleased to announce that recent testing performed at PetroEcuador's Esmeraldas refinery has resulted in a more than 50 percent reduction in carbon monoxide emissions with the use of Ethos Environmental's Bunker Fuel Conditioner.
With bunker fuel prices hitting unprecedented record highs, transportation companies have been particularly negatively impacted.
Gas giant Gazprom's fuel arm, Gazprom Neft, has announced its second acquisition in the global bunker fuel market.
Within the bunker fuel additives segment, the enforcement of a specified regional limit in the Baltic Sea Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA) is expected to result in the increased use of lubricants and conductivity improvers/static dissipators.
The review process involves analysis of actual quarterly bunker fuel prices, as well as market projections for the coming quarter.
Without such an agreement the Company's sale of bunker fuel in Israel is expected to decline," ORL said.
The securities are secured by receivables generated from sales of fuel oil and bunker fuel exported by PETROBRAS.
Our review process involves analysis of quarterly bunker fuel prices and market projections, as opposed to reacting to short-term fluctuations in costs.
The amendments seek to eliminate exports of bunker fuel from the transaction so that the securities will be collateralized only by receivables from sales of fuel oil exported by PETROBRAS.