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a 5,000 pound laser-guided bomb that can be programmed to penetrate to a given depth before exploding

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Measures taken in line with the defensive anti-aircraft missile launcher project include providing maps for digging trenches, securing the centers against bunker buster bombs, and improving water and fire-fighting systems, IOPTC official Mehdi Salavati said.
Earlier in September Haaretz said Israel sought to obtain the US-made, one-ton bunker buster bombs for a possible future strike against Iran's atomic development programme, which the Jewish state considers a strategic threat.
And DNA tests will be run on any body found in the rubble of the restaurant, blasted by four huge bunker buster bombs last Monday.
Two 2,000lb bunker buster bombs were dropped on a target identified by intelligence sources as the dictator's latest location in Baghdad.
Yet we have Cruise missiles, hunter killer subs, B2 bombers, Tornado GR4 bombers, Tornado F3 fighters, bunker buster bombs and petrol- based sunshine bombs.
In earlier raids the US had used massive 5,000lb laser-guided bunker buster bombs in attacks around Kandahar, the Taliban stronghold where Osama bin Laden has training camps.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Russian Aerospace Forces used two BETAB-500 bunker buster bombs in Tuesday's airstrikes against ISIL targets in Syria, a spokesman for the Aerospace Forces in Syria said.
Raytheon would also use the tunnel to bring in Bunker Buster bombs as well as Tomahawk and Patriot missiles.
Bunker buster bombs would blitz underground facilities, while submarines and warships would fire cruise missiles at Iranian nuclear facilities.
They had launched a new ``decapitation'' strike on a target in Baghdad,and bunker buster bombs were dropped on the building in the Al Mansour residential area.
The Taliban's ability to wage war was dealt a serious blow last night as massive 5000lb bunker buster bombs hit a munitions dump, creating a fireball visible 70 miles away.
As if this is not enough, the many tons of bunker buster bombs which Israel was using day and night have shaken the foundations of every building in Gaza and the question looms large as to whether Gazan houses that are still standing will be safe to live in.
Two 4,700-pound bunker buster bombs hit a communications tower in the biggest night of bombing in the capital since Shock and Awe.