Bunker Buster

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a 5,000 pound laser-guided bomb that can be programmed to penetrate to a given depth before exploding

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The Bunker Buster comes in two sizes to fit almost every carbon shaft.
Once a bunker buster penetrates an underground complex, how can commanders tell if they hit the target?
Further detail and analysis of bunker busters can be found in The Ploughshares Monitor, Summer 2003 and Winter 2004, available on the Project Ploughshares website.
Defeat of the nuclear bunker buster is a credit to the unrelenting efforts of nonproliferation activists and stalwart congressional opponents such as Sen.
Dropped from afar, the bunker buster allegedly drills toward its underground target where its smallish nuclear warhead detonates with devastating effect on the enemy below the surface.
It is understood the missile to be tested is a Storm Shadow, a long-range Cruise missile, which can be fitted with a bunker buster warhead for breaking through thick concrete.
Tipperary, breeding paddocks of Morgan O'Neill, who bred Bunker Bunker Buster (Romford Puppy Cup) and Maireads Sand (Sovereign' Stakes) among others.
It is an excellent match for the Gehl Bunker Buster II attachment for silage and haylage.
pieces, studs shell -4 pieces, Galov member wallet and bunker buster
Washington, Feb 11( ANI ): The US military's 30,000-pound bunker buster bomb called the Massive Ordnance Penetrator requires an "urgent" upgrade, Pentagon officials have said.
The MOP packs some 2,404 kilos of explosives, more than 10 times the amount of its predecessor bunker buster, the 907-kilo BLU-109, according to the threat reduction agency, which funded its development.
The Pentagon got authority from Congress to redirect $52 million to move up the deployment date of the new bunker buster.
15 Register-Guard editorial that outlines the dangers of the Pentagon's planned use of nuclear weapons and its development of the nuclear bunker buster.
That said, a counterpoint of innovation during peacetime is the Bunker Buster from Gulf War I.
2004, "Markey hails defeat of nuclear bunker buster, mini-nukes," Global Security, Newswire, 21 November.