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Bungarus caeruleus is reported from throughout Punjab, KPK, Azad Kashmir, Sind and Southern Baluchistan (Khan, 1993d).
The most significant species in terms of envenomings across the Asian countries (Basic and Supplemental) are: Callesolasma rhodostoma, Cryptelytrops albolabris, Bungarus candidus, Naja sumatrana, Daboia siamensis, Naja kaouthia, Bungarus multicinctus, Naja siamensis, Naja atra and Naja philippinensis.
For instance, species such as Bungarus caeruleus were killed only during night confirming their restricted activity during night (Whitaker and Captain 2004), Insects may be attracted to the light post and or head lamps of the vehicles plying on the road, which may in turn attract insectivorous species of herpetofauna.
Estudios realizados en otras especies como Bothrops asper indican que la concentracion serica de FA disminuye por induccion del veneno de este genero de serpiente [2], mientras que estudios realizados en veneno crudo y fraccionado de Bungarus caeruleus aumenta la concentracion serica de FA en los animales de experimentacion [13, 18].
Neurotoxinas herpeticas del tipo PLA2 y su Clase Nombre Especie Subunidades I Ammodytoxina A Vipera ammodytes ammodytes 1 Notexina 11-5 Notechis scutacus scutacus 1 Pseudexin A Pseudechis porphyriacus 1 II Crotoxina GeneroCrotalus 2 III Beta-Bungarotoxina Bungarus multicinctus 2 IV Taipotoxina Oxyuranus scutellas 3 Textilotoxina Pseudonaj a textilis textilis 5
The tribe now captures venomous snakes--cobras Naja naja, vipers Vipera russelli, Echis carinata, and kraits Bungarus caeruleus, Bungarus fasciatus--milk their venom and release the snakes in reserved forests.