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deciduous or evergreen American shrubs small trees having very hard wood and milky latex

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deltoides, and Bumelia lanuginosa (gum bumelia; Bush and Van Auken, 1984).
b) Additional species with importance values <1% not included in the table: Acacia farnesiana, Acacia rigidula, Bumelia lanuginose (changed to Sideroxylon lanuginosum ssp.
trees include Quercus virginiana, Serenoa repens, Bumelia tenax.
includes Juniperus silicicola, Sabal palmetto, Bumelia tenax, Persea
Stems of greenbrier, poison ivy and Bumelia lanuginosa (gum elastic) made up the shrub understory, together occupying about 0.
The canyon supported a dense shrub layer, specifically hog plum, Bumelia, and poison ivy.
Species of Juniperus, Quercus, Rhus, Bumelia, Cercis and Ulmus were found in the woodlands in this study as well as those in Tennessee (Quarterman 1950b) and Missouri (Kucera & Martin 1957).
Taxon Cedar Glades Woodlands Opuntia phaeacantha 100% 57% Juniperus ashei 86% 100% Diospryros texana 71% 100% Acacia roemeriana 57% 100% Rhus virens 57% 71% Echinocerous caespitosus 43% - Quercus fusiformis 43% 100% Sophora secundiflora 43% 100% Yucca ripicola 43% 43% Dasylirion texanum 29% 14% Eysenhardtia texana 29% 14% Mammillaria vivipara 14% - Berberis trifoliolata - 100% Bumelia lanuginosa - 57% Foresteria reticulata - 29% Celtis laevigata - 29% Quercus stellata - 29% Ulmus crassifolia - 14% Cercis canadensis - 14% Ungnadia speciosa - 14% Table 2.
Species Common name Acer rubrum red maple Baccharis halimifolia eastern baccharis Bumelia lanuginosa gum bumelia Callicarpa americana American beautyberry Carpinus caroliniana American hornbeam Carya spp.
MST (cap; B, OA) Sapotaceae Bumelia celastrina Kunth in H.
Species Constancy Celtis pallida 24 Cocculus diversifolius 24 Diospyros texana 22 Celtis laevigata 21 Zanthoxylum fagara 21 Amyris texana 20 Condalia hookeri 20 Ehretia anacua 20 Bumelia celastrina 19 Rivina humilis 19 Ulmus crassifolia 18 Cissus incisa 17 Parkinsonia aculenta 16 Forestiera angustifolia 15 Serjania sp.
Only rarely in the dry upland sites were Liquidambar styraciflua, Morus rubra, Bumelia lanuginosa, and S.