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robust hairy social bee of temperate regions


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Rising temperatures are stamping out bumblebees from their southernmost ranges in North America and Europe.
And that's a problem for us humans too, because scientists say the way the bumblebee pollinates certain plants makes it essential to food production.
Prof Jeremy Kerr, of the University of Ottawa, said: "Global warming has bumblebees in a kind of climate vice.
Insects such as butterflies have migrated north to cooler climates, but bumblebees have not done so.
AN urban bumblebee from France has spread rapidly through the UK because of its preference for built-up areas, research has shown.
We asked people to record bumblebees visiting lavender," said lead researcher Dr Michael Pocock, from the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) in Wallingford, Oxfordshire.
The optic flow can be described as the sensation that surrounding objects move as the bumblebee flies past.
They will be asked to count the number of bumblebees they spot in their garden, school playground or park.
University of Guelph researchers have recently come up with new studies about training Bumblebees to solve problems by rewarding them with food for an exchange.
Some plants, however, do not produce nectar, yet Bumblebees are drawn to their color, smell or even the electric charge of the plant.
Provide nest sites for bumblebees: Bumblebee nest boxes can be purchased but they are often ignored by queen bumblebees.
Farmers and landowners around Simonside in the Coquet Valley are supporting a new Northumberland National Park scheme to protect bumblebees.
WOOLTON volunteers have helped to protect tens of thousands of threatened bumblebees by planting bee-friendly wildflower meadows at Woolton Wood and Camp Hill - and are aiming to go on to make Liverpool the UK's first citywide "bumblebee haven".
Tomatoes (also native to the New World) cannot be pollinated by honeybees, so every bowl of salsa and jar of pasta sauce owes its existence to the stubby bumblebees that pollinate those little, yellow tomato flowers.
Bumblebees spend a lot of time buzzing around flowers.