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robust hairy social bee of temperate regions


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Knowing whether climate variation most affects bumble bees directly or indirectly will allow us to better predict how bumble bee populations will cope with continued climate change," said FSU postdoctoral researcher Jane Ogilvie, the study's lead investigator.
Speaking at The Hidden Gardens in Glasgow, Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said: Scotlands biodiversity is one of our key assets, and the contribution the humble bumble bee and other pollinators make to this wonderful environment should not be underestimated.
Bumble bees are valuable pollinators and, as the honey bee population is under threat, we should appreciate them a bit more.
Colla and Packer (2008) noted declines of seven species of bumble bees in southern Ontario, Canada, as well as extirpation of one species (Bombus affinis) from a significant portion of it range in eastern North America.
Huddersfield gardening expert Graham Porter said that bumble bees have more fur, are rounder and are known as random pollinators which fly around at will.
Anecdotal evidence over the past 10-15 years has suggested that several bumble bee species are disappearing and that their range is constricting.
The monitoring of bumble bees is part of the international Eco Schools programme that encourages pupils to engage with environmental and sustainable development issues.
Damascus, (SANA)- The Experience of using bumble bees as pollinators in alternative of hormones is widely spread in Syria recently.
A GARDEN centre is joining the fight to save bumble bees.
Grass cutting should be reduced in some places, to leave the daisies and buttercups to grow for the sake of bumble bees, honey bees and butterflies.
These important insects have been in the news again recently, with stories of the continuing decline of our wild bumble bees.
So, for good crops of clover seed, you need a healthy population of bumble bees.
Bumble bees are attractive insects that are interesting to most people and a valuable asset to gardeners and farmers.
American apiarists have been stung by an EU decision to suspend all imports of live queen bees and queen bumble bees from the US except Hawaii.
The private family company, run by Clive Washington and more recently joined by son Anthony in the business, was the first in New Zealand to export bumble bees to Japan and is also the first exporter of bark to the largest commercial grower in the US.