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a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest

a board that hangs on a wall


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Unlike traditional bulletin boards on the Web which aggregate random users who happen to share similar interests or backgrounds, the sixdegrees bulletin board service provides members with a powerful communication medium targeted exclusively to a select group of individuals - their first and second degree(a) (their contacts and their contacts' contacts).
The "Teen Career Trax" chats and bulletin boards will be hosted by FutureScan(TM), United Multimedia's careers series for teens.
Beginning today, Prodigy members can GO TO: BBA to access the Bulletin Board Archive and search for notes from all available bulletin boards or from individual bulletin boards, such as Careers, Games, Movies, Music, etc.
Providing users with a central location for all of their communication needs, On-Line Discovery combines free trial connection to five online services and the Internet, access to bulletin board services (BBS), and fax and data capabilities -- all in one, easy-to-use screen.
While bulletin boards encourage a free flow of opinions, library information cannot be "opened.
The software offers a search feature, flexible application program interfaces and the ability to run multiple bulletin boards from only one installation of the product.
Because many BBS sponsors run their services with out-of-pocket funds, bulletin boards can be very transitory.
The examples provided will help users to quickly create bulletin boards that are customized to their preferences and applications, therefore increasing the productivity and versatility of their PowerScript CG system.
We've already successfully integrated with EMUmail's web-based email, Infopop's popular Ultimate Bulletin Board (www.
TEXN does not sponsor or endorse any other Web sites, chat rooms, or other so-called investor bulletin boards.
Internet users have characteristic patterns of how they time their keystrokes, browse Web sites, and write messages for posting on online bulletin boards.
APCO's Visulex(R) design offers a departure from the traditional, framed-door look of bulletin boards.
Web sites are replacing electronic bulletin boards the same way CDs replaced albums, said Jana Covell, the city's media services coordinator.
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