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a cone-shaped acoustic device held to the mouth to intensify and direct the human voice

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CASE REPORT: A 35 year old male patient came to casuality with complaint of bull horn goring to right thigh.
With rain clouds looming, Algonquin's Nic Zanghi and fellow graduating senior and co-organizer Tom Beck took to the bull horn to announce the day's first match-up on the main court.
I'm running around the course with my bull horn doing schtick,'' he said, ``keeping people in a good mood all day.
10AM: US troops arrive at the house in Mosul with an interpreter and bull horn to signal to those inside that they want to speak with them.
Jennifer White wore fake bull horns and black pants when she joined nearly 100 marchers in the Spanish town yesterday.
Tenders are invited for Work consists of the construction of three (3) concrete foundations for light pole installation, a concrete pad for electrical transformer installation, the assembly of flood light fixtures, bull horns and accessories, and three (3) light poles, the erection and installation of the assemblies, trenching approx 870 LF, the installation of approx 730 LF of 1 1/4" PVC conduit and approx 140 LF of 3" PVC conduit, installation of approx 3,500 LF of circuit conductors, installation of fused disconnect switch, photo cell and related electrical equipment.
Toro' means bull in Spanish and one can see how that theme repeats itself throughout the restaurant: even the napkins are folded to look like bull horns.
Madonna gave what may be a preview of her new tour at the Grammy Awards in February, where she dressed in a revealing red outfit reminiscent of a matador's as dancers pranced about in bull horns.
March 8, 2014 (JUBA) -- Various rituals including slaughtering of bulls, placement of bull horns and other animal remains have been conducted on the grave yard of the late South Sudan's leader, John Garang de Mabior, to prevent his "ghost" from haunting president Salva Kiir, a practice condemned by the family members of the late.
With chanting, screaming and singing supplemented by bull horns, bagpipes and drum circles, their cacophony shook the building that the squalor of their occupation made malodorous.
Most of the injuries are not caused by bull horns but by runners falling or getting knocked over or trampled by the animals.
A falcon standard appears below the king, while three of the boats boast a standard with bull horns.
Georgians are known to toast with real bull horns filled with wine during special celebrations.
Police flooded the park with powerful lights and used bull horns to announce that everyone had to leave.
Police flooded the park with klieg lights and used bull horns to announce that everyone had to leave.