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largest North American frog

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Taylor explained that Chattem took Bull Frog Surfer Gel off the market several years ago, and yet, there are still thousands of requests for it every year.
Launched in 1985 in California, Bull Frog offered serious sun protection to surfers who spent hours in the water.
To better understand what VpCI means in practice let's look at the Bull Frog Rust Blocker Cup and compare it with the common silica gel dehumidifier often used in gun safes and cabinets.
Bull Frog is an iconic brand that we believe will respond positively to our laser focus on the sun care category and our commitment to growing brands through innovation, advertising and best-in-class retail service," Steve Taylor, CEO, Sun & Skin Care Research, said in a statement We are well positioned to leverage the Bull Frog market opportunity and drive the brand to a new level,"
Bull Frog was one such group, formed in Leadgate, Consett, County Durham, by Steve Thompson, Robin Hird, Mick Simons and Mick Glancy.
Estimated calls Visual sightings Species Urban Rural Total Urban Rural Total Frogs American toad 1 151 152 2 1 3 Fowler's toad 44 0 44 0 1 1 Cricket frog 356 1380 1736 3 150 153 Cope's treefrog 1 20 21 0 2 2 Gray treefrog 0 8 8 0 0 0 Spring peeper 2 1983 1985 0 3 3 Western chorus frog 14 106 120 1 0 1 Bull frog 27 76 103 6 32 38 Green frog 28 75 103 10 9 19 Salamanders Smallmouth 0 7 7 Two-lined 0 1 1 Turtles Snapping 2 5 7 Painted 0 8 8 Box 0 3 3 Red-eared 0 2 2 Spiny softshell 2 14 16 Snakes Racer 0 2 2 Black rat 3 7 10 Garter 4 23 27 Banded water 0 18 18 Total 473 3799 4272 33 288 321
The morals are as thick as pond-scum, with the giant ugly bull frog being befriended, Kermit talking to the stars and singing about chasing his dreams, and finally, the nutty scientist realising that these frogs can talk.
Days' sales outstanding in accounts receivable were 50 compared to 46 a year ago, reflecting higher sales levels of seasonal brands Bull Frog and Sun-In that carry longer dated receivables.
the cicada calls; The bull frog croaks brekekex, an owl hoots; Shango
As reported on April 29, the Company's land lies on and forms the northwestern pit wall of the Montgomery-Shoshone (M-S) open pit, last mined in the 1990s by Barrick Bull Frog Mining Company, a subsidiary of Barrick Gold Corp.
The Company continues to seek joint venture partnerships or alternative favorable financial arrangements on numerous targets within the North Pipes Super Project and its other exploration projects: Big Chunk Super Project in Alaska, the Providence Project in Nevada's Beatty Bull Frog Mining District, the East Silver Bell Porphyry Copper Project, and the Tombstone Porphyry Center Project in southern Arizona.
Two major factors have contributed to the positive vision: strong sales of CHTT's Aspercreme, Selsun Blue, Gold Bond, and Bull Frog brands, and a lower-than-expected settlement in a class-action suit involving Dexatrim.
A) Bull Moose; B) Bulldog; C) Bull Elephant; D) Bull Frog.
That same article implied that the cricket frogs would be safe in their new homes, where "the only danger is hungry bull frogs, not bulldozers" (Rueter 2004).
Consequently, any alteration of the hydric regime resulting in modification of the surface flow and ground water movement could adversely affect potential gopher frog breeding sites, either by accelerating wetland drying or increasing the wetland permanence so that predators of gopher frogs, such as fish and bull frogs, become established.