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Synonyms for bullfighting

the activity at a bullfight

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In the 20 years I've been watching bull fights, we've only had to put down two bulls," said Hamad bin Hamdan Al Matrooshi, who owns 15 bulls.
The European Union is spending pounds 30m a year to support Spanish bull fights, which will kill at least 40,000 bulls this year.
Google posted adverts offering tickets to bull fights alongside a preview of a book about the late Vicki Moore, who campaigned strongly against the practice.
NO BULL: bull fights, below, might be big news in Spain but they were no fun for Villa's ex-Valencia striker John Carew
The PETA members are going to 14 towns across the UK to recruit people who will join their protest against Pamplona's bull race and the lethal bull fights which follow it every year.
There is one part of Merseyside that has become a favourite spot for pit bull fights - Kirkby.
On several occasions the city had been notified that the dogs were being trained to fight and that there were pit bull fights at the Beam residence, but also took no action.