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the activity at a bullfight

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This is not bull fighting as happens in other parts of Spain.
This cruel and barbaric incident seems ironic in the region of Cataluna, where cities such as Barcelona have banned bull fighting and the whole region has adopted the Catalan donkey as its mascot.
NURSING a fully-fledged pit bull fighting dog that leaps into your lap and refuses to move is a curious experience.
Simpson said: "I'm looking forward to it, apart from the bull fighting.
Box office takings would be tremendous for weekly bull fighting programmes, financing a Birmingham Toreador School to train local youngsters to be matadors and picadors to rival any in Spain.
Animal rights: Horse racing, dog racing, bull fighting, cockfighting, bull riding, cow-chip tossing, the Iditarod, fishing derbies, polo, Olympic equestrian, monkey croquet, snake charming, rat poisoning and dogs playing poker.
These include bull fighting, theaters where the regulation of the actors combined with control over the content of plays presented, formal and informal religious celebrations including carnival, street performers, the late colonial game pelota (tennis) introduced towards the end of the eighteenth-century by Basque merchants, and drinking venues.
The bull, which was about to be transported from Kalba corniche to Fujairah for the bull fighting event, suddenly went berserk and attacked the people nearby, including its handler.
Don't pay up to help fund bull fighting I READ that the EU wants Britain to pay PS13.
The Indian Supreme Court has banned a version of bull fighting which has been popular for centuries in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, BBC reported.
Telling the defendant he had "an extremely unhealthy interest in pit bull fighting," the judge also ordered him to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and to pay PS1,000 towards the prosecution costs, which amount to more than PS50,000.
Strutting in wearing traditional bull fighting attire and to the blast of trumpets, they taunted their mysterious Mexican midget sidekick Mascarita Dorada.
While we're against such festivals, and bull fighting, we're happy to give you a bit of guidance.
On Saturday villagers from western Kenyan town of Khayega held a bull fighting contest between a 410 kg black bull they named Obama and a black and white 460 kg bull they named Romney.