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the activity at a bullfight

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Prizes included outstanding soloist for trombone player Dan Eddison, most entertaining item - The Bull Fight - and first place for entertainment, musical content and all over first place - earning them the title Entertainment Champions of Great Britain.
But Google's advertising technology - which matches adverts to a page's content to make them relevant to each reader - put an advert for a Spanish ticket company selling bull fight tickets on the same page.
We have all had a great time and such a laugh doing this, especially the bull fight and making the picture.
18 ( ANI ): A traditional bull fight held here on Wednesday ahead of the Durga Puja festival attracted huge crowds.
Artist Glen Knowles will show two paintings depicting vaqueros, Mexican/Spanish cowboys, including one depicting a bear and bull fight, a common spectator event.
The three coloured lithographs came from the artist's Toros Y Toreros (Bulls and Bullfighters) series and were titled respectively: The Bull Ring of Arles, The Bull Fight and Jacqueline on Horseback.
Given the likely shrieks of protest from the animal rights brigade, I suppose it was quite brave of Palin to go to a bull fight in Spain.
David may want to take in a bull fight at the Plaza de Toros, while Posh's designer taste in clothing will be well sated in the Almirante, Plaza Mayor and Conde de Xiguena areas, which are home to Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and all her favourite labels.
That's midnight raids on people beating up elephants with large lumps of wood, rescuing starving pups and hopefully a steel toecap to the mouth of, say, a couple of pit bull fight organisers.
A grape-crushing contest, wine tasting,, even a Portuguese horseback bull fight are part of the celebration of the first harvest of the L.
The parking blitz may seem harsh on drivers, but walking the city streets is becoming a cross between an obstacle race and a bull fight as pedestrians stumble over parked cars and dodge moving ones.
Greg Norman went on a birdie shoot yesterday after taking in his first bull fight.
Even some Spaniards, steeped in the tradition of the bull fight, are finding the practice in the medieval village of Medinaceli too barbaric to stomach.
Included will be one night's lodgings, wine tastings, fireworks, dinner, dancing and a bull fight.
The bulls that take part in the runs are killed by matadors in evening bull fights, and their meat is served up in Pamplona's restaurants.