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a creek in northeastern Virginia where two battles were fought in the American Civil War

either of two battles during the American Civil War (1861 and 1862)

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Thousands of Spanish localities host bull runs in the summer, allowing crowds of festival participants to run ahead hundreds of bulls in the streets.
A cow tramples on revelers on the bull run, at the San Fermin Festival, in Pamplona, yesterday, as <Bhundreds watch the run, left, from surrounding buildings.
The Pamplona bull run, which is part of the San Fermin festival, sees hundreds of thrill-seekers dashing through narrow streets to escape the stampeding animals.
The company's bull runs, which started in August 2014 and promotedas "bringingthe Spanish tradition of the running of the bulls to the United States,"are anticipated to produce $2.
Launched in April of 2013, The Great Bull Run has announced a 10-city schedule that began last August in Virginia with 12,000 festival attendees.
The Mercantile Club Bull Run is an annual pub crawl that started in 2008 and has raised over PS25,000 for local charities.
On Friday three daredevils, an American and two Spaniards, were gored on the sixth bull run.
Fifteen people have been killed during bull runs since 1911.
The gorings were the first this year at the festival, which started on Sunday and includes a daily bull run starting at 8 a.
The two injured men, Spaniards aged 30 and 47, suffered bruises in falls and were taken to hospital for treatment after the third bull run of the annual San Fermin festival, regional health officials said.
VAR people on the streets and balconies in Estafeta street at the first bull run
On Monday a man was killed in Valenica during another bull run fiesta.
The festival of San Fermin officially begins at midday on July 6 every year and the first bull run takes place the following morning.
A total of 14 people have been killed in the bull run since 1911.
What wasn't expected was that the Portland Water Bureau would be forced to shut down the Bull Run water supply.