Bull Moose Party

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a former political party in the United States

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Millard Fillmore switched from Whig to the American or Know-Nothing party and Theodore Roosevelt went from Republican to the Progressive or Bull Moose Party.
He tirelessly battled political corruption, championed the creation of the Panama Canal, wrote 35 books despite his own dodgy spelling abilities and, when he realized he had left politics at too early an age, created a third political party, the Bull Moose Party, to run for a third term in office.
John McCain's obsession with Teddy Roosevelt is beginning to have an impact on the Capitol and has some fellow GOPers worrying that he will take his admiration of TR to its extreme and bolt the party in 2004 to challenge a Republican president as Roosevelt did in 1912 when he founded the Bull Moose Party to dethrone William Howard Taft, reports National Correspondent Matt Bai.
Other organizations she has assisted include the Bull Moose Charitable Foundation's Bull Moose Party, the Guatemalan Benefit Dance, The GodChild Project (Antigua, Guatemala/Minneapolis chapter), the United Way of Minneapolis, Little Brother's Friends of the Elderly, Crisis Connection and the President's Summit.
His ardent followers called it the Bull Moose Party because, Teddy announced, "I'Parents should remember that their own son or daughter could be "I'm feeling liKe a bull moose.