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mail consisting of large numbers of identical items (circulars or advertisements) sent to individual addresses at less than 1st-class rates and paid for in one lot

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As a result we had to add names to the list to be able to mail the journal at the affordable bulk rate.
Now they owe AAL millions of dollars for the difference between the commercial bulk (Standard A) rate and the nonprofit bulk rate," said Peters.
If at least three pessaries are ordered, the bulk rate is $38 apiece, said Ruth Cogan, a vice president at the Chicago-based company.
IRS uses third class bulk rate, which is less expensive than first class but does not provide automatic forwarding or return-to-sender service.
Always design the newsletter as a self-mailer and use bulk rate postage.
FiltersUSA purchases with bulk rate pricing which we are able to pass on these savings to our customers.
The group sent its first mailing out using the bulk rate, and also experienced delivery delays.
According to Silver, one sure-fire way to get tenants to join in is to purchase media space at a bulk rate, sometimes at a savings of 50 percent, and then share that savings with tenants.
The Department of Water and Power, which leases more than 200 cars, pays as little as half as much because it gets a bulk rate, according to Angelina Galiteva, executive director of environmental affairs for DWP's Green LA program.
Kohlstedt offers a bulk rate for businesses, often as low as $4-$5 per blind for a business with 40-SO windows.
San Carlos Post Office, 809 Laurel Street, San Carlos 94070, ready for bulk rate delivery to each
A blank envelope with no return address, an address label and bulk rate indicia is a waste of money.
Outfitters and others who buy 10 or more boats at a time get a discount, of course, but Gordon wouldn't reveal the bulk rate.
Midboro Management had previously used this method when holding insurance rates, which were actually reduced by negotiating bulk rate contracts for insurance programs with A-rated carriers.
The 2-Way postage Indicia is available to companies and organizations using approved reusable envelopes along with a bulk rate permits using an Intelligent Mail Barcode.