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local post offices) in the Bulk Mail Center (BMC) regions within the area, servicing 350 ZIP codes.
He also served as Director, Support Operations at the New York International Bulk Mail Center in Jersey City, New Jersey beginning in 1973.
Weeker ISC in Chicago, the JFK ISC in New York, the Los Angeles ISC, and the New Jersey International and Bulk Mail Center.
Iniguez, who began a 28-year Postal Service career as a clerk in Los Angeles in 1973, went on to hold several key operating positions at the Los Angeles Bulk Mail Center.
The company ships more than 95 percent of this volume using the Postal Service's Express Mail, Priority Mail and Standard Mail package services, while also taking advantage of Parcel Select and using consolidators to make its Bulk Mail Center drop shipments.
The VVS proved enormously successful during our pilot testing with Lockheed Martin at the USPS Pittsburgh, PA Bulk Mail Center late last year which positioned us for this major win," said Frank Goodfinger, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships.